SERVICES Below is an overview of the services we provide and an idea of our workflow on a project.
  • free estimates

    Monumental Fabrication can provide free estimates for your project. If you are located in and around the Gulf County area, we will send out a knowledgeable representative to assess, measure, and give advice on value engineering your project.

    We can help you decide which materials would be best suited for your project as well as your most cost effective options. You can also send us pictures, specs and plans to our email:

  • design and drafting

    When a customer or contractor has an idea for their home, property, boat or other project. we passionately work hard to design the best solution and implement it with quality, precision, and promptness. We have an in-house design and drafting team to solve your design challenges and turn your concept into reality.

    For the vast majority of projects we draw plans and 3d renderings so the customer and fabricators can visualize and agree on the final product. We also create precision CAD drawings for water jetting, plasma cutting, machining and other CNC processes.

  • fabrication

    Our team of welders and fabricators are experts in their fields with many years of TIG, MIG, and stick welding experience. Although we specialize in welding Aluminum and Stainless Steel for their non-corrosive properties on the coast, our fabricators are also experienced with carbon steel, galvanized, ornamental brass, and bronze.

  • Pic

    Depending on your application we can provide a variety of finish options for your product. We often use anodized bright dipped aluminum (simular to T-tops on fishing boats) for many of our railings on the beach for ultimate durability against the harsh salt environment.

    Many of our clients opt for powdercoating when they need some color for their project. Powder coating is 10 times stronger than traditional painting methods and is the most durable form of painting available. When cured in the oven, it creates a finish that resists scratching, chipping and cracking.

    Other more economical options available include satin finished bare aluminum, and acrylic enamel coating (automotive paint). Ask one of our team to show you some of the options available.

  • installation

    As a full service turnkey facility we also provide installation for many of our fabrications. Our experienced team installs with safety, efficiency and quality in mind to insure your product lasts for years to come.